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Why book a boudoir shoot? It's a question I often get when a client has booked a glamour shoot or branding shoot with me and I'm showing them my portraits.

  1. A boudoir shoot truly boosts confidence. As a photographer, alongside the many glamour shoots and casual clothing or branding shoots, you'll also see a lot of boudoir photography from me. I truly love this style of photography. It's incredibly powerful to see what a portrait shoot can do for a woman, how it can boost her confidence. And with a boudoir shoot, it often goes even deeper. It's incredible to see someone's eyes light up and their confidence get a huge boost. It's the realization that you're beautiful just the way you are, that your body is something to be proud of, and that you deserve to be seen.

  2. A boudoir shoot is all about who you are. It's about overcoming an image you may have had of yourself. That you can't be that beautiful, sensual woman. That your body isn't ideal or perfect to capture like that. That you're not young enough anymore to treat yourself to something like this. A boudoir shoot is confirmation that none of that matters. It's not about your age, your size, or how closely you adhere to a certain beauty ideal. It's about everything that you are. What makes you special and uniquely beautiful. Everything you didn't dare to be and feel, but are, is wonderfully captured in images.

  3. Stepping completely out of your comfort zone and into your power with a boudoir shoot. I see many women overcome themselves and step completely out of their comfort zone. And then, when the moment comes that they see their own portraits. That they are that, that they radiate that. That female power, sensuality, and confidence. That moment is truly priceless. The beauty is that it's not even about what they're wearing, it's about what they radiate. What they dared to allow and show in images.

  4. A boudoir shoot to celebrate the new you. How beautiful is it to be able to celebrate and capture the new woman you've become after a transformation process. Women often book a boudoir shoot with me after a period of weight loss. Sometimes it's still quite a challenge to see yourself as others see you: as a strong and beautiful woman who has walked her own path. As one of my clients once said to me: I look different, but it feels like it hasn't sunk in yet. A boudoir shoot is an opportunity to show yourself in a new light and to celebrate how far you've come. It's not just about the physical changes, but also about celebrating inner growth and self-acceptance. It's a moment of self-love and empowerment, where you allow yourself to be seen and to shine as you are.

  5. A boudoir shoot as a beautiful gift for you and your partner. It's super special and intimate to book a boudoir shoot and surprise your partner. It's a way to have yourself captured in a very beautiful and sensual way. It's like a gift from you to them, a chance to show them how much you love them and how sexy you feel in their eyes. And you know what, it's not just for them, it's also for you. Especially for you.


Want to know if a boudoir shoot is right for you? Schedule a quick call and I'll explain everything.

Samen creëren we stijlvolle en krachtige portetten die jou een gevoel van immense trots geven. 

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