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40 over 40

I invite you to a portrait experience that is both transformative and uplifting. With your own legacy portraits that you can look to with love, admiration and pride. 


Say, YES I am proud to be me

This is a celebration of women to show the world we are beautiful at any age. We as women can set our own standards of beauty. We are not defined by our age, our shape, our background or what society tells us to be. Real beauty never fades. And that beauty is in you.

Be your own phenomenal woman

I believe that every woman is unique and beautiful  and deserves an experience like this at least once in her life.  Make this your moment in time to have this powerful experience . Come with me on this  pampering spree in my studio. With styling, professional hair and make up and a magazine style portrait experience where you get to be radiant in up to 4 different outfits. You will be fully guided to get absolutely phenomenal portraits of yourself.  With that beautiful reminder of this day: a complimentary fine art print of your choosing.  


This amazing experience is now available for €295
(€600 in total value)

Inquire today and be part of this beautiful journey of self love.

Thank you for your message


"Your story matters"

I want you to tell me about you. Who you are and your journey to becoming the amazing woman you are today. Telling our stories is important. Not only for ourselves but for future generations to come. Your story matters.

Your portrait together with this testimony of your life will be presented in a limited edition magazine at the ending of this beautiful journey with all those other amazing women. 




Q: "How do I know if this is for me?" 

A:  This is for you if you want to join me in this empowering and possibly transforming journey. It’s one of the most powerful ways to see yourself in a totaly different way. But still really see YOU. You have the chance to spoil yourself, have a day dedicated to you.   

Q: "Is there a specific style?" 

A: The style of your photos will be determined by our consultation of how you would like to be photographed. We want to be able to bring you a unique experience! This can be boudoir, glamour, casual or a fashion styled shoot. Whatever makes you happy. 

Q: "What's the price?" 

A: The price for the session is 295 euro. This includes style consultation, professional hair and make up, a fully guided magazine style photoshoot, a personal reveal session in my studio and 1 complimentary fine art print of your choosing to always remember this moment in time.  

Q: "Can I purchase more portraits" 

A: Absolutely. You will hand pick your desired complementary portrait during your personal reveal session in my studio. Apart from that portrait you have the opportunity to purchase more portraits if you love them.  

Q: “How can I participate?” 

A: Fill in the inquiry form and we can have a chat about participating in this wonderful and empowering journey. There are only 25 spots available so be sure to send in your inquiry soon . 




I am Maureen, 44 years old and I live in the beautiful city of Amsterdam. I started my photography journey in 2012 when I signed up for a photography class and learned all about different genres of photography .

Fastforward to 2020. That's when I started to focus on women's portrait photography. Something I had been wanting to do for years, but never had the focus to do so. Now I'm more determined than ever to stay the course and lift women up with their portraits. Something I myself have experienced in my personal life and it's my heartfelt pursuit to give other women that same empowering and transforming experience.

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